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Sinusoidal Kollective is an independent record label with headquarter in Spain.
We are born with the aim of launching the music market group to own artists and producers who do not belong to the, want to have the opportunity to see their tracks published in the most important platforms of digital music sales, Beatport, Amazon, iTunes …

SK cover all kinds of sounds Club focused from the Chill or Deephouse calmer and more moved to Techno Trance music. Using the musical approach of several components of the group will assess any track to reach SK who wants to have the opportunity to be edited by the label. The artist will answer in a short time, whether it is selected or not.

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Julian Fernandez

Julian Fernandez – Juli
He was born in Barcelona in year 1975 but resident in Merida (Badajoz), is a lover of electronic music since his youth. Rhythms one 120bpm have always been his passion, but not until 1998 when he connect his first sound mixer being this moment, the beginning of his artistic career.
From 2005 to 2007 he had his first residency at the RawClub (Mérida) where weekly developed Deep House sessions.
In the same year he began his residency at the legendary Bassago nightclub (Don Benito) giving the opportunity to share endless nights with a lot of INTERNATIONAL artist as Gaiser, Marc Houle, Shonky, Marc Antona, Veitengruber, etc. And best National artists as Marcos in dub, Marc Marzenit Ruben Montague etc..I LOVE BASSAGO!!!
Now, in the privacy of his studio, tries to capture all that experiences.


Alvaro de Felipe

Born in Mérida (Badajoz) Alvaro Felipe since childhood showed a passion for music and electronics. He learned to play the piano at the conservatory in Merida, and his first synthesizer was a Casio SA-10 Tone bank and an organ Crumar Rapide he bought his father, a music lover guitarist who will be greatly influenced by the Alan Parson groups, Manfred Man and Jean Michel Jarre and others also started small script programming language Turbo Pascal under MS-DOS to age 13 years.

His passion for technology and synthesizers took to be a telecommunications engineer, specializing in audiovisual systems, combining the studies began designing audiovisual control systems MIDI Digital Luthier, his greatest creation JfetBass Hardware edition of scheduled digital synthesizer designed zero. In these years college acquired much knowledge of image and sound which led him to start his own production system and professional mastering.

And now it’s getting down to work with a few friends with a very even to Alvaro all driven by the illusion of making a joint project in which to present his musical ability musical criteria.
As a banner bearing the commitment to music. And the music carry in their hearts


Diego Paredes

Born in Merida is a fan of electronic music, 15 years since he started producing his own tracks of hip-hop and techno with Intel Pentium III computer with Cubase and Reason has not stopped expanding his musical knowledge.

His productions are tracks full of joy and strength in the dance floor, takes great rhythm and melody and arpeggios are devotion, Diego began professionally to compose their own tracks with impeccable sound when he discovered Ableton Live, now the possibilities are endless .

Diego promises to leave no one indifferent with their music and leading the pace and put all your effort into it.



Madrid 1975, begins to mix around 2000, after several years experimenting with dishes, in 2006, he decided to make the leap to change Technics for his first synthesizer and started producing his own music focused on industrial sounds, trance, minimalist also in this tour is Proyekto X, experimental music with texts presenting dramatized with several direct, manage to appear on radio and get very good reviews. Today all these styles have led to a style of club that can range from the blunt, rough, dark-tinged EBM to warmer Deep and Minimal Techno dance rhythms.

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