Van Czar grew up in Brussels, Belgium and he was very keen on listening and thinking about music. He is a versatile artist who produces what he feels in every moment. Detroit Techno and Chicago House sounds are at the forefront of his music vision. Van Czar has a special ability to engage with the crowd, he adapts to any kind of gig or event he takes part in and he loves clubby atmospheres as well as more hype events. He has played at ADE 2014 where he showcased BonzaiBasik Beats and recently he has performed a b2b with DantiezSaunderson at Legacy Festival (Belgium) 2015 where they burned the dance floor with a blistering set. He has managed to have his own gigs in IBIZA every summer where he has played at Ocean Beach/Pearl and Es Vivé. Van is at the cutting edge of a dynamic industry and he has the tools to stay there. His tracks have seen big support on the DJ circuit from artists like Derrick May, Ben Sims, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Kevin Saunderson, M.A.N.D.Y, and more. On his releases he has collaborated with artists like Martin Eyerer, Orlando Voorn, Dantiez & Kevin Saunderson, Samuel L Session, Brendon Moeller and Marcin Czubala to name just a few. He is one of the top leading artists on Bonzai Basiks, part of the legendary Bonzai Records/Bonzai Progressive label family, with his tracks becoming some of the most supported among top jocks around the world. All this has led to the recent creation of his very own CZ label which is at home with the Bonzai family. He also releases regularly on Kevin Saunderson’s label KMS where he shows his more groovy side. 2016 is already proving a big year for Van Czar with upcoming releases/collabs on CZ, Bonzai Basiks, KMS Records, Divine Records, Electropical Record, with well known artists like Ken Ishii,Terrence Dixon, Samuel L Session, Orlando Voorn, and many more …

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  • New Blood
    Fractious, Lewis Delay, Van Czar, YEZPR
    MTR004 | Minitech Recordings | 2017-08-14 | Buy
  • Van Czar - Feel It Loud EP
    Van Czar, Alen Milivojevic, Drzneday, Bad Omen
    Hardcore / Hard Techno
    YYR197 | Yin Yang | 2017-07-31 | Buy
  • Club Weapons, Vol. 2 (Mixed By Van Czar)
    Axel Karakasis, Patrick Kunkel, Orlando Voorn, Van Czar, Casseopaya, Claas Herrmann, Leon Krasich, Olsy, MikroBeats, TIS, Protyv, A.R.E.S, Ugur Project, Lee View, Oam Akay, Gianluca Circosta, Luftschmiede, Various Artists, John Lagora, Lauro Martins, Yves Deruyter, Daniel Convers, Sa.Du, D.R.N.D.Y, Petri Petro
    Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
    VCS21 | Van Czar Series | 2017-07-31 | Buy
  • Techno Wolves, Vol. 2
    Klienfeld, Sergio Castilla, The Electric 10, Dimitrij Vinciguerra, Oh!Possum, Martin Ravani, Rauschhaus, Tom Cerrox, Herr Bergmann, Fernando Garrido, Sképson, Christian Walter, Blacksun, Alvaro Maortua, Regen, Another Alias, Twenty Pound, Martin Lacroix, Formant, Orlando Voorn, Van Czar, dfumh, Giuseppe Bottone, Larry Lan, Einklang Musik, Juicy Lotta, Kevin Wesp, Lauro Martins
    DSR0074 | DSR Dance Selection Records | 2017-07-28 | Buy
  • Amanda Is Shocked
    Van Czar
    CZ030 | CZ | 2017-07-28 | Buy
  • Deep Populus, Vol. 2
    Orlando Voorn, Van Czar, Lekwats, Monsieur Jean, Volunteer, Technolog, Moe Ferris, Camiel Daamen, Christian Lepah, Andy Bach, Gabriela Smith, Klangkubik, Eraseland, Alixander Raczkowski, Messy Hair, Gam, Stacia x Wunderwald, J Dovy, Chasing Kurt, JAYCeED, Gianluca Circosta, Alex ll Martinenko, Damne, Eden Caabe, Eugene Korso, Vertical Amigo, Olexa, Mz Sunday Luv, Bredes Fernando, G-Prod, CL-ljud, Click Box
    Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo, Techno, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, House
    VCS20 | Van Czar Series | 2017-07-28 | Buy
  • Raw Moments, Vol. 3 - Rough Techno Sounds
    Housemeister, Dave Tarrida, Matteo Gatti, Lutzenkirchen, Daniele Petronelli, Rich Hila, Skober, Hollen, Mr. Bizz, D. Diggler, DavidChristoph, Julian Brand, JJ Gullo, DJ Pepo, John Martz, The Technotwins, Orlando Voorn, Van Czar, Steve Semtex, Sven Sossong, P-ben, Alvaro Maortua, Ahmed Tohme, Christian Walter, Roman Beise, Pain Brain, Sergio Castilla, Javi Lago, Kreisel, Spektre, Petri Petro, Lutzenkirchen
    WASABICOMP296 | Wasabi Recordings | 2017-07-28 | Buy
  • Deep Techno to the Club, Vol. 2
    Christian Lepah, Akira Tanaka, Orlando Voorn, Van Czar, Heavenchord, Moonwalker, Fractal, Subsignal, DK, Dust Panic, Ricochet, Einklang Musik, Jouzyaz, Kellerbeats, Pheonyx, Von Batz, Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli, Thallulah, D-Gota, Sascha Rothe, Modeplex, Mats Allvar, Modularity Think, Face Off, Entite, Mattias Pellitteri, Protyv, Samot, Tim Etzel, Megabrytes
    Techno, Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House
    DSR0068 | DSR Dance Selection Records | 2017-07-21 | Buy
  • Imperium Techno, Vol. 3 (Mixed By Abib Djinn)
    Van Czar, Orlando Voorn, Robert Egenolf, Grotesku, Know How, Anton Bodnar, Merc Ltd, Little George, Pra Jescu, Dubet, Claude Karl.son, Chronophone, Mauro Diaz, Faded., Dragos Ungureanu, Diegopericles, Fragmen, Benno Block, Dani del Rio, Fressfeind, Ruben Losada, Julian Viegas, Sandra Lester, Casseopaya, Kevin Wesp, Atie Horvat, Various Artists, Sa.Du, Andrew Duke, INgra, Locic, Nauzu, Beatgates, Neusn, AudioDistraction, Plasmic Shape, Klangtronik
    Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House, Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo, Hardcore / Hard Techno
    VCS18 | Van Czar Series | 2017-07-10 | Buy
  • Kiss My Lips
    Van Czar, Funk D'Void, WAFFENSUPERMARKT, Emilien Day
    ER022 | Electropical Record | 2017-07-10 | Buy
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