Alex Justicia is a dj/producer born in Madrid in the 1984. His career is rooted in some early electro and trace, which has evolved to become what it is today. He focused his skills on the techno side, is developed by many branches which make it a unique style. You can enjoy harmonious lines and tribal and folk sounds. Now general manager of Famara Records, which releases very varied music styles within desu deck, and also, manager of Radio Hat.

  • Downtech Weapons 4 - Tech House
    Johnny Peraza, Mortadelo, Keener, Anthony Brahv, Shaun Macdonald, Davhelos, Carlos Olmedo, Luois Crisostomo, Soundstage, Dani DL, Jonny Whyte, Alex Justicia, Garivich
    Tech House, Electro House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
    DT042B | Downtech Music | 2018-11-20 | Buy
  • Blonde With Heels
    Keener, Dani DL, Deep Roots, Alex Justicia, Anthony Brahv, Nate Jones
    Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno, Tech House, Electro House
    DT002 | Downtech Music | 2018-11-07 | Buy
  • Hippies Go Tech 3
    Leonardo Gonnelli, Luca Guerrieri, Marius Lehnert, Vamos Art, Luca M, The Deepshakerz, JUST2, Doomwork, 2 Sides Of Soul, Carsten Rausch, OFF SIDES, Oliver Moldan, UCP Berlin, Sandra Collins, Marka T, Martin Stoilkov, Lorenzo Bartoletti, Ramon Bedoya, Chris Main, Dr. Alfred, Iokhonda, Francesco Parla, Larsen Factory, Mario Del Regno, Andre Butano, Pablo Inzunza, Eating Beats, Ninho, Alexis Tyrel, Outway, Dennis Egenlauf, Miss Swizz, Bagheera, Patlac, Dompe, UES, Alex Justicia
    Tech House
    FP049 | Flower Power | 2018-05-28 | Buy
  • Downtech Weapons 3 - Deep House
    Emvau, Vlada D'Shake, Alex Justicia, DeadBot, Keener, Dubsound, Simply N, Nate Jones, Dubriders, Deep Roots, NNikitin, Rubber Legz, Davhelos, Vincemo, Nate Jones
    Deep House, House, Tech House, Future House, Afro House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Electro House, Electronica / Downtempo
    DT041 | Downtech Music | 2018-04-12 | Buy
  • Oktogon
    Alex Justicia
    TOTUM029 | TOTUM Music | 2017-12-01 | Buy
  • Dissolution
    Atlaxsys, Alex Justicia
    CRGR001 | Conrigore Records | 2017-11-24 | Buy
  • Modern Clubbing, Vol. 10
    K.A.L.I.L., Leon Krasich, Laaf & Suso, Sapporo, Toni Alvarez, Danilo De Santo, Matthias Springer, Stereo Crash, Ethnikz, Ferris Bueller, Adrian Oblanca, Raul Moreno, Platon (RU), Hino, Aka SkyWalker, Toivo, Wolfire, Jesus Marques, Insights, Gorillag, Mastra, Yuuki Hori, Nasser Tawfik, Lampenfieber, Cabizbajo, Alex Justicia
    Techno, Tech House, House
    FGR112 | Fame Game Recordings | 2017-10-30 | Buy
  • Comes Dark
    Insights, Alex Justicia
    Tech House
    FAMARA007 | Famara Records | 2017-05-22 | Buy
  • Hashtag Tech House, Vol. 1
    Debirski, Ben Tax, Steve Looney, Stanford, Hadrianus, John Rashi, Luca Rashi, Freeman (Spain), Arthur Hernan, Alex Justicia, Pra Jescu, Alex Roque, Astercult, Mac Angello, John Martz, Andee & Rods, Dropz, Jey Kurmis, Tony H, Andy Reynolds, Mellowflex, Javier Varez, Johnny Rockwell, Max Chapman, Affani
    Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
    HPFLTD764 | High Pro-File Recordings | 2017-04-07 | Buy
  • Love Beat Tech House, Vol. 1
    Steve Looney, James Meid, Mauro Diaz, Jose V, Marco Madia, Madison & Gaudier, Gaetano Inglese, Roter & Lewis, G.E.N.O.M., Raul Dohrn, Luktek, Ondrej Semyrka, Eggbox, Jaen Paniagua, Laaf & Suso, Store, Matas Balta, Largo DJ, Consistency, Lorenzo Clandestino, Luca Pernice, Astercult, Bojan Fildzi, Silvestro S, Alex Justicia
    Tech House
    HPFLTD763 | High Pro-File Recordings | 2017-04-07 | Buy
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